the future of legal automation

JuriBlox saves you time. The interactive tool gets you the legal documents and opinions that are 100% relevant within just a moment. JuriBlox also helps you to comply with privacy rules.

Why your organization needs JuriBlox

Lawyers and attorneys are balancing between the hectic of daily routine and utmost concentration. Accuracy is required, also under extreme workload. JuriBlox improves efficiency. Legal documents an opinions generated with its online platform are custom made. You can also use it to register your personal data processing. The system is user-friendly and fit for everyone.


Signing an NDA? Get automated advice from Lynn!

JuriBlox proudly presents her latest legal tool: NDA Lynn, implementing Artificial Intelligence technology to review non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). In a few minutes, NDA Lynn gives you a complete advice on every single provision in the NDA you submitted.

How to justify AI decision making

More and more legal tech services make use of Artificial Intelligence – or briefly: AI. This is an important development: it enables machines to make decisions on their own or to independently perform analyses that used to be reserved only for human beings.

Contracteren voor software

Software is beschermd door het auteursrecht, en mag derhalve niet door derden worden gebruikt zonder toestemming van de auteursrechthebbende. De figuur om deze toestemming te verkrijgen heet een licentie.

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