A smarter and swifter approach to document creation! JuriBlox sets the norm for clever documents and document automation worldwide.


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Do you need instant access to legal documents? On JuriBlox JuriDox, you can buy the legal documents that you need, based on up-to-date templates from JuriBlox. The user-friendly wizards help you to make the right choices for your business.

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Legal Suite

Do you create legal documents and complex contracts galore? Use JuriBlox to automate al your legal documents without losing flexibility for individual documents. Create templates to set the basis for each document and manage modifications from one point. Achieve more efficiency and accuracy for your documents.

Juriblox Privacy


GDPR compliant with tailor-made privacy documents, such as privacy policies and data processing agreements. JuriBlox Privacy provides transparency for your data processing activities and generates customized privacy advice. Even co-workers lacking GDPR knowledge can work with the tool.

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Are you a frequent user of legal documents, for example for you sales, purchasing or HR department? JuriBlox is your high-quality legal document factory. Our software is suitable for medium and large (inter)national organizations.


Quick & Tailored

Automate all your legal documents through templates, without losing flexibility and customization options for individual documents. Our wizards help you to create a document in no time.


Up-to-date documents are guaranteed through the centralization of templates. This means no error prone activities such as making copies of copies from copies (etc.). Want to carry out the same changes on all documents? Just modify the template and update each document at once.


Templates form a flexible basis for all you documents. It enables anyone in your organization – even those without knowledge in the field – to create high-quality documents just by completing a wizard.

We wanted a tool to allow us to automate simple documents such as non-disclosure agreements and have suitable templates for data processing agreements while also offering us a good solution for supporting suppliers’ management.


JuriBlox sets the norm for clever documents! Our main goal: using innovative technology to make documents creation and processes more efficient. Each team member possesses the right set of skills, knowledge and expertise, both in the legal and technological field. We go beyond our own fields to do everything necessary to improve your organization’s efficiency in document creation.

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