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JuriBlox saves you time. The interactive tool helps you generate relevant documents or advice that are 100% compliant. JuriBlox also helps comply to the new privacy laws.

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What is JuriBlox?

Lawyers and attorneys are balancing a hectic daily routine and utmost concentration. Accuracy is required, also under extreme workload. JuriBlox improves efficiency. Legal documents and advice, generated with its online platform, are custom-made. You can also use it to register your personal data processing. The system is user-friendly and fit for everyone.

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Create accurate legal documents with JuriBlox interactively. The online platform works with templates and questionnaires that ensures the relevant clauses are used in each case.

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PrivacyBlox aids you in complying with new privacy regulation (GDPR). It improves the transparency of your data processing and generates tailored privacy advice. Use it as internal knowledge base to easily share information and arrangements on processes.

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Get the legal knowledge you need from our knowledge base. Also tailor your own documents to your need with our document generator. Alongside our knowledge partners, we offer a wide range of ready-to-use templates.

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Serve your customers through your own webshop for legal products. Your clients can generate documents with an interactive questionnaire.

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