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JuriBlox builds processes that take standard work off your hands with efficient document creation and smart workflows.

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The building block of your legal processes

With JuriBlox, create and manage documents quickly, efficiently and error-free using our powerful questionnaires and links to your systems for full process integrations. This keeps both data and documents always up to date.

Smart creating

Drafting contracts, but smarter

Reduce risk, increase quality and efficiency.
With JuriBlox, you can create custom documents in no time.

Customized advice

Improve your process

JuriBlox can be deployed in various departments in an organization. Every document can be prepared better, more efficiently and smarter. Our process consultants help your organization set up document processes efficiently and securely with smart automation. Apply JuriBlox for example with:

All the benefits at a glance

Powerful document creation

Create custom documents flawlessly using dynamic templates and smart questionnaires. No document is too complex!


Collaborate in real time with colleagues to turn already prepared documents into a perfect final product.

Contract management

Always understand all agreements and terms through simple contract management.

Contract negotiation

Negotiate (in real time) with other JuriBlox users as well as people who do not have a JuriBlox account.

Digital signing

Get your documents signed easily with our wide range of digital signing integrations.

Version control

Every change transparent through our comprehensive version control on both documents and templates.

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