Over JuriBlox

JuriBlox is an online service – a Software-as-a-Service – enabling (corporate) lawyers, privacy officers, attorneys, HRM staff and buyers to generate and maintain legal documents, advices and data processing in a novel and rapid manner.

What is JuriBlox?

JuriBlox was founded by the owners of ICTRecht B.V. ICTRecht is a legal constancy company in the fields of ICT and internal law. In 10 years, ICTRecht has established itself as an important niche player within its jurisdiction. This was partly achieved through the use of software to easily create documents. Arnoud Engelfriet and Steven Ras have chosen to make this innovation widely available by setting up JuriBlox as its own company and continued to develop the software into what JuriBlox is now.

Our mission and vision

JuriBlox wants to conquer the legal market with its online platform. We do this by providing better quality than existing tools and putting our users first. We put our users in the driver seat by giving them the freedom to create templates themselves, for instance. The process of creating legal documents and advice using JuriBlox is fast, giving our users more time to focus on other matters.

That is why we want to unburden lawyers using an automation process within the legal playing field. JuriBlox will continue to innovate within the legal market in 2016 to be the market leader in Europe for document generation by 2020.

How does JuriBlox work?

Through the user-friendly online platform, you can quickly and easily create your legal documents, advice and data processing agreements. The use of templates makes it easy. We offer a number of standard templates and it is also possible to tailor your document. By answering an interactive questionnaire your legal document is ready in a short time.

Safe and Trustworthy

It is extremely important that your data and legal documents are stored in a safe place. Our hosting is managed by managed hosting provider True. A reliable Dutch party that accommodates its hosting at well-secured and advanced data centers in the Netherlands and guarantees uptime. True is ISO 27001:2013 certified which means that the company works according to the latest international standards for information security. In addition, the JuriBlox software has been developed in accordance with the latest standards and security, flexibility, system intelligence and performance have been taken into account.

For whom is JuriBlox?

JuriBlox is mainly aimed at users who regularly have to prepare legal documents, advice and keep up with data processing, such as (company) lawyers, privacy officers and buyers. Legal documents that are required on a regular basis, such as a confidentiality agreement or a processor agreement, are very suitable to be drawn up via JuriBlox. In addition, JuriBlox also offers the possibility to create large, complex customized contracts.