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The JuriBlox platform has many applications. Easily create your own application or automated processes.

Contract Life-Cycle Management

Accurate legal documents are a must for you organization. But due to increasing workload, there is a good chance that processes will slow down and that documents will be inconsistent and contain errors. This is all history with JuriBlox Legal Suite.


Do you want to improve efficiency and increase knowledge sharing in your office? And work with (your own) automated models and templates and while retaining the freedom and flexibility to customize? Find the best of both worlds in JuriBlox Legal Suite!

Kennisbeheer met templates

Create legal documents with ease or delegate it to your colleagues with no legal training. The use of smart questionnaires minimizes risks for errors. And you will have your documents directly in your house style and integrated in your document management systems.

Onderhandelen en ondertekenen

Lawyers use JuriBlox to collaborate on documents in real-time. The contract will stay within the reliable JuriBlox environment, so documents will not get lost, authenticity is guaranteed and the user is fully in control.

Digitaal ondertekenen

Finally, every contract will need to be signed. JuriBlox therefore enables users to digitally sign documents. The electronic signature meets all the requirements set by the European eIDAS regulation.

NDA Lynn

“What does this contract say?” and “How does that affect me?”. Evaluating all the contracts you receive often creates a bottleneck. This causes delays for many deals and operations. Automating the review process often comes with high risks, but all that is history with Lynn.

Eenvoudig privacy compliant

Are you obliged to maintain a data processing register or record data breaches? JuriBlox Privacy is the solution. JuriBlox offers a platform to comprehensively administer all you privacy matters in one place.

Juridisch klantenportaal
Client portal

Provide your clients or members with access to your own environment, completely in accordance with your house style. Whether it’s a privacy portal, document archive or a secure collaboration platform, it’s easy to realize with JuriBlox’ white-label portal.

Juridische documentenshop
Legal document shop

Sometimes your clients are not looking for extensive advice or complex contracts. Why choose for an expensive, manually drafted document when automated customization suffices? With your own legal web store you can provide your clients with fully automated and tailor-made documents.