Online document collaboration

Lawyers use JuriBlox to collaborate on documents in real-time. The contract will stay within the reliable JuriBlox environment, so documents will not get lost, authenticity is guaranteed and the user is fully in control of the collaboration and negotiation activities. The system keeps track of all changes and comments in the form of an audit trail.

Onderhandelen en ondertekenen
Always work with the correct version

You are probably familiar with sending legal documents back-and-forth including all confusion that comes with it: too many versions, non-transparent changes and lack overview leads to frustrations.

JuriBlox’ platform enables you to closely collaborate on documents with your colleage or third parties. You will always have access to the latest version and keep overview of all changes and suggestions that are made.

The documents will never leave our secure environment untill the final part where everything agrees on the document’s latest version.