Sign without any paperwork

The final and ultimate stage of a legal document is it formal signature. JuriBlox therefore offers a feature to send documents out for a digital signature, which complies with all the requirements from the European eIDAS regulation. Wet signatures on paper are no longer necessary and signing procedures can be fully automated.

Digitaal ondertekenen
Safeguarding the contents

Some documents require internal approval, for example by management, before they may go out for signature. JuriBlox’ platform allows you to design the whole signature process: who’s approval is required and who must sign the contract?

Signatories will only receive a sign request when it has been approved by all who are required to approve. It saves time and guarantees the quality and the contents of the document.

Are you dealing with recurring signatories? Then our contact address book helps you to automatically fill in the details of the signatories for sign requests.