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Do you want to improve efficiency and increase knowledge sharing within your office? Are you looking at automated models and templates, yet you don’t want to lose the freedom and flexibility for customization? JuriBlox Legal Suite offers the best of both worlds!

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Full control

Use the latest legal standards to create new document drafts, quick and easy. Follow up with manually editing the draft or simply drag pre-approved clauses from your knowledge bank into your draft!

All benefits at a glance

Low-code progamming
On the JuriBlox platform, it is possible to work with mathematical models and build your own apps and make them available for third parties.

Automated documents
Easily create automated legal documents with templates and corresponding questionnaires.

Real-time negotiations
Back-and-forth emailing of documents is history. Negotiate online with our secure platform, where all changes and discussions are logged.

From required approval from other users to automated actions resulting from decisions in the questionnaire: JuriBlox supports various types of workflows.

Document management
Tag your documents with relevant properties and meta-data and archive all your documents in one secure place with extensive search and filter options.

Digital signature
Send out sign requests directly from our platform to one or more signatories and have your documents digitally signed in a legally valid manner.

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We are happy to show you our platform and give you a demo account or an on-site or remote demonstration of our platform without any obligation. Our legal tech experts are there to answer any of your questions.

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