Looking back at 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, it is time to take stock: what have we achieved with JuriBlox and how do we see the year ahead? I would like to take you through the journey of our organisation.

The year 2023 promises to be an excellent year for JuriBlox. Through our unique vision of document creation, we help organisations set up these processes in a more efficient way. From accountancy firms to insurance companies, our solution is suitable for virtually any organisation dealing with the creation of large numbers of (legal) documents.

More and more organisations are seeing the benefits of document generation. Not only does this lead to the implementation of a platform like JuriBlox’s, it also leads to a different mindset in the entire process of arriving at a (legal) document. Efficiency is no longer the only driver for document processes to be automated. When it comes to legal documentation, you want to make sure the content is correct. This becomes even more important when non-legal colleagues are involved in drafting the legal documents.

The year of generative AI

In the year where generative AI took hold, we are one of the few legal SaaS services that has not (yet) adopted this technology. Now you might think: why not? We are not against generative AI, but in the processes we support with our platform, you want to be able to lean on the predefined choices. Despite being easy or complex. Since these choices are mainly based on the situation at hand, generative AI is not the solution here. It is precisely facilitating the provision of the necessary input and supporting the easy as well as complex choices for generating a document that makes for a rock-solid solution.

What did we add?

Having not applied generative AI in our software, we were able to spend a lot of time on the functionality that enables the creation of complex legal documents. We believe almost any document can be composed with our platform. Many or few pages, large or small number of fields, complex or easy dependencies: JuriBlox can generate these documents without you, the user, losing your way in the platform. This means, for example, that we can create multiple documents simultaneously per application, obtain the necessary input for the document with fewer queries or make logical connections between the inputs given.

Future-proof document process

In addition to these additions to our platform, we have been preparing for the biggest project of the past few years: the migration to a state-of-the-art hosting platform. With the growing number of documents generated daily by our software, it is necessary to provide scalable capacity. At peak times, the platform should be able to generate large numbers of documents in a matter of seconds. This is only possible by having a stable hosting platform that is ready for the future. What we do based on the Kubernetes technology. In the coming year, we will move the application to provide every customer with a future-proof document process.


Whereas with JuriBlox we only touch part of the cycle of a legal document, strategic partnerships are important to perfectly support the entire document process. That is why we focus on integrating our platform with other strong solutions. In the past year, for instance, we started a partnership with Contractify to revamp the entire contract lifecycle. With their solution, we create the optimal journey of a document: from initiation to management.

It is not just management of legal documents that is important; the recording of agreement can also be digitised. Therefore, we work closely with partners who provide digital signing of these documents. We’ve integrated with Evidos, DocuSign, Validsign and PKIsigning.

On the team

Given all the developments and integrations, we have a lot of work to do. With the arrival of our own development team at the beginning of the year, we can take our platform to the next level.

Although we have set ourselves challenging goals, from time to time it is also good to relax and get to know each other in a different way. So this year, we left with the team to Brugge for the annual company outing. From exploring the historic streets to enjoying delicious Belgian chocolates and beers. We are happy with the great team we have and look forward to reaching new milestones together!

JuriBlox in 2024

We see those milestones for 2024 in growth of our organisation and further professionalisation of our product. Besides being able to transform processes at new clients, we also emphasise the quality of our services. Despite already being able to deliver quality to a high degree, there are always areas for improvement. Therefore, among other things, obtaining an ISAE statement, moving our hosting infrastructure and improving the foundation of our software are scheduled for the coming year. The year in which we can continue our unique vision and help your organisation optimise document processes!

The building block of the legal process


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