Episode 2: Practical applications of legal tech

Effective use of automation

In our second installment, we take a closer look at the practical applications of legal tech. What are the concrete benefits of legal automation and how does it contribute to a more efficient way of working for both in-house counsel and the sales or procurement department? Discover how to effectively set up these processes and also outsource standard work. Ensure that each department no longer works with their own documents, and maintain control over the process and quality.

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Want to know everything about the functionalities within JuriBlox? Would you like to know if your legal tech application can be built on our platform? Our legal tech specialists are happy to think with you about your legal automation needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of JuriBlox?

With both legal and technical expertise, we at JuriBlox understand better than anyone the documentation challenges that organizations of all sizes face. That’s why we offer not only high-quality software, but also process automation support and expertise.

What types of documents can I generate with JuriBlox?

With our powerful template builder, all documents regularly required for your organization can be prepared automatically. Our implementation specialists translate all the different variants of your documents into one efficient and well-organized questionnaire.

I don't have the capacity to implement a new tool myself, now what?

JuriBlox offers customers a complete worry-free service. This includes everything from user training to full technical implementation. Our legal tech specialists are ready to help your organization automate all document processes.

Can I store and manage my contracts with JuriBlox?

Yes, in JuriBlox you can easily generate your contracts, manage different versions insightfully and save them for archiving. For extended features such as analysis and efficient tracking, we integrate with contract lifecycle management services such as Contractify.

Do you also integrate with my current systems?

JuriBlox offers extensive integration capabilities and partners with several legal software and service providers. View our full list of partners here. If your current service provider is not yet listed in our directory, please contact for more information on customization options.

Where will my data be stored?

All of JuriBlox’s data is stored in Amsterdam, with encrypted backups in a separate data center. Further, JuriBlox is ISO27001 certified.

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