JuriBlox for insurers

From contract inception to procurement, JuriBlox enables your legal and procurement teams to streamline and synchronise their contract approvals and reviews.

JuriBlox’s automated workflows enable your company to track, approve and monitor all purchase agreements.

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Working in a standardized and uniform manner but still leave room for efficient customization. JuriBlox offers the best of both worlds by working with (proprietary) automated models and providing the freedom/flexibility needed for customization.

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The ultimate solution

The combination of our powerful questionnaires and advanced work-flows ensure that you are always aware of any document that deviates from your standard. Hand over the time-consuming work of drafting and reviewing routine documents so you can focus on strategic and complex legal issues. With JuriBlox’s tight processes, documents can be prepared quickly and accurately and you are always sure of the content.

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