ABAB Legal supports clients in a variety of areas with legal advice. In many cases, the full-service firm will record these opinions in contracts and other legal documents. It relies on JuriBlox to generate these documents.

“ABAB Legal is a group of lawyers with various areas of expertise. We are part of the consultancy and accountancy organisation ABAB. Within this group, we are a stand-alone unit that performs legal work. This for clients of ABAB, but also for other clients,” says Rogier Kersten, director and legal expert at ABAB Legal.

“Our expertise focuses on four areas of expertise: corporate law, employment law, personal law and the section we call VAROM. VAROM stands for real estate, agricultural law, spatial planning, environmental law and environmental law. We do this with a team of around 30 legal experts.”


ABAB Legal records advice to clients in many cases in agreements or other documents. The legal consultancy creates these documents based on legal models.

ABAB Legal used to create these documents using a custom-developed solution. This software was built internally for the ABAB. “The solution works fine, but did not sufficiently match our requirements from ABAB Legal,” Kersten explains.

Programming legal models
Programming legal models is both complex and time-consuming and requires specific knowledge. “Every situation is unique. You therefore start from a basic model, but you usually have to add customisation to that,” Kersten explains. “We noticed in practice that the developers who had to programme these models were not legally trained. As a result, programming models took a lot of time. And the models that were eventually delivered unfortunately did not always offer what we wanted.”

“We were therefore looking for a party with developers with sufficient legal knowledge,” Kersten continued. “They need to understand the jargon and understand the impact certain choices in the model have on the final document and our clients. We therefore switched to JuriBlox.”

Various models available

ABAB Legal uses a model generator to increase efficiency. Various legal models are available in the JuriBlox platform. “On the one hand, these are models that we have developed ourselves and had programmed by JuriBlox. On the other hand, there are models that we have purchased through JuriBlox. The good news is that there are reputable parties behind these models, the models are of high quality and the price/performance ratio is right. The solution currently contains mainly legal models used by our corporate and labour law departments. These sections use by far the most models within our organisation.

Using JuriBlox, ABAB Legal employees can generate and customise models for clients. They can also collaborate with colleagues, customers and counterparties in the same document. The resulting documents are then stored by ABAB Legal in clients’ electronic files.

JuriBlox was chosen for several reasons. “We came into contact with JuriBlox through one of our employees. This one already had experience with JuriBlox. We also came across several parties in practice that had already successfully embraced JuriBlox,” says Kersten. That gave confidence. “One of the things that convinced us to partner with JuriBlox was the good feeling,” he says.

Pilot phase

The pilot phase also gave ABAB Legal confidence. “During this phase, the system was extensively tested by about four employees. In the process, JuriBlox also programmed one of our own models and incorporated it into the solution. We could see in advance exactly what we could expect from JuriBlox and what our models would look like in JuriBlox. The experiences during the pilot phase were very positive.”

The solution has been in use since spring 2021. The platform has been well received by users. “Colleagues generally like the platform. Among other things, they mention the time savings the platform brings,” says Kersten. “However, the platform does bring with it a new way of working and therefore change. And change is always difficult. So we did notice that some colleagues needed some time to get used to the new system. However, that went fairly quickly. Sessions in which JuriBlox explained the solution contributed to acceptance.”

Short lines

Kersten also points to the short lines of communication with JuriBlox. “If we have any questions, we can always contact JuriBlox. A few people within our team have been designated as contacts. They collect all the questions that we cannot answer ourselves and forward them to JuriBlox. JuriBlox is a very approachable organisation. It is a good cooperation”.

“Pleasingly, looking ahead, there are also all kinds of options that will allow us to expand the platform that is there now. These include a function that lets customers generate their own models using questionnaires. We are watching these additional options with interest for the future.”

The building block of the legal process


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