Aedes is the national trade association of housing associations, with 268 associations affiliated to it. Using JuriBlox, Aedes offers members a document generator. It allows buyers, lawyers and other professionals to draft contracts easily and error-free according to standardised contract terms.

95% of all housing associations in the Netherlands are members of Aedes. Together, they manage some 2.3 million rental homes for 4 million residents. Aedes members total about 28,000 employees. Among other things, the trade association represents the interests of its members in The Hague and Brussels. To this end, it works with a variety of partners, including tenant organisations, governments, builders and healthcare institutions.

Standardise contract terms

The trade association supports its members in various ways, including legal. The focus here is on standardisation. For example, all housing associations use contracts, the drafting of which can be complex and time-consuming. Aedes is streamlining this process by drafting joint procurement terms and conditions, which every housing association can work with.

“We have been offering general procurement terms and conditions for maintenance and new construction, among others, for some time. We also have procurement toolboxes that include draft agreements for cleaning and central heating, for example. Members asked us to draw up such procurement terms and conditions for the ICT issue as well,” explains Gaby van der Peijl, procurement cooperation adviser at Aedes. “We then came across GIBIT from VNG Realisation. GIBIT stands for Municipal Procurement in IT Toolbox. Part of this toolbox is a tool developed by JuriBlox, which allows users to easily generate a contract.”

“As we did not want to reinvent the wheel, we contacted VNG Realisation. We were allowed to use the toolbox including this document generator as an example. GIBIT’s target group consists of municipalities, while our target group is housing corporations. Together with several members, we adapted the toolbox for our target group.”

General Corporation Conditions in IT

Based on GIBIT, Aedes developed the General Corporation Conditions in IT (ACBIT). Parts of ACBIT include a document generator, a roadmap for implementing ACBIT within corporations and a quality guide for corporation-specific quality standards. Also consider a risk analysis and a processing agreement.

The document generator simplifies the creation of procurement contracts. On other files, Aedes shares the procurement terms and conditions via a Word document. This has drawbacks. This allows users to accidentally make wrong changes, which can pose risks. As a result, the contract may no longer be legally sound.

“With the document generator, this is actually not possible. You think about the procurement strategy beforehand and what your objectives are. In the document generator, you select all the elements needed for this. The generator then automatically links the correct and up-to-date contract terms to this. As a result, you cannot actually make ‘wrong deals’,” Van der Peijl explains.

Development has been rapid

Development of the document generator has been rapid. “In June 2021, we tied the knot and committed to offering contract terms for IT through a generator. Its development started in September 2021 and was completed in December that year. We have been using the tool since January 2022. This would probably have taken longer without the experience of JuriBlox and the VNG.”

Aedes, VNG Realisation and JuriBlox are jointly working on standardisation in the relevant industries. “Among other things, we have agreed that improvements realised to the platform or document generator will be made available to both parties.”

Experience expert

Van de Peijl: “Very nice was that JuriBlox is an experience expert in this field. JuriBlox, for example, drew up a functional specification for the project based on their previous experience with other clients. Where normally you still have to make substantial changes to such a functional specification, now we had only two minor improvements.”

The document generator is linked to Aedes’ single sign-on functionality. “For our website, we use single sign-on. The integration of this with JuriBlox was actually not something we had to worry about. JuriBlox communicated directly with our IT partner,” says Van der Peijl. “The short lines at JuriBlox are also very pleasant; in many cases you get answers to questions almost immediately.”

Digitalisation strategy document and procurement plan

Aedes wants to expand ACBIT in the future. Among other things, the industry association wants to prepare a strategy document and procurement plan for digitalisation. “We also have a desire to provide other toolboxes with a document generator. These include our toolboxes for maintenance, new construction, cleaning, central heating and mechanical ventilation,” says Van der Peijl.

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Digitisation file by Aedes
ACBIT is part of Aedes’ digitisation dossier. The preparation of this file is the result of collaboration between teams within Aedes, including CorpoNet-CORA-VERA. CorpoNet is an association of housing associations that develop and manage, among other things, the CORA (COrporation Reference Architecture). CORA helps housing associations improve both their operations and information provision using generally accepted principles. It also makes relevant methodologies and reference models available. The VERA standard is the technical elaboration of CORA. VERA’s main target groups are corporations, suppliers and chain parties. The VERA standard was created through a joint effort between the market and corporations.

The building block of the legal process


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