GDPR compliance, made easier

JuriBlox helps you work as a GDPR expert. It generates all your legal documents, manages your processing register and automates all your GDPR tasks with automated workflows. It tells you what to do and when to do it.

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A few of our clients

The tool for privacy administration

The GDPR imposes many requirements on any company processing personal data. Managing ‘privacy administration’ can be time-consuming. With JuriBlox, that’s a thing of the past!

Processing register

Direct insight into your processing operations

With JuriBlox, you have a structured overview of all processing activities and processes.


Clarity at a glance

By completing questionnaires, easily carry out mandatory risk assessments. Thus, all mandatory steps are documented by the system.

Processor agreements

Drafting and editing with support

Easily draft and send agreements for signature. Manage agreements in a private environment and stay on top of things.

Security incidents

A report made in an instant

JuriBlox allows any person in the organisation to instantly report a data breach or security incident. The system immediately converts this information into a report, advice and processes it into a register. The data protection officer is notified immediately and can take action.

Do you already have your privacy compliance in place?

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