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Draft contracts 90% faster through intuitive questionnaires. With templates based on your own knowledge, you can prepare a tailor-made contract, including all necessary attachments, within minutes without errors.

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Automatic risk-free contract creation

Outsourcing legal work or working more efficiently often means that quality drops and risks crop up. The JuriBlox platform makes this a thing of the past. Easily draft legal documents or have this done by colleagues without legal knowledge.


Guaranteed quality every time

Set up new contracts in no time with intuitive questionnaires.

Knowledge management

Always the right version

Stay on top of knowledge and templates with comprehensive knowledge management capabilities.

Customisation and clause database

Standardise, with room for customisation

Modify documents manually made easy via the built-in editor.

Monitoring and cooperation

Automated workflows

Collaborate internally or externally on the same document in a secure environment.

The whole proces in one environment


Collaborate in real time with colleagues to turn already prepared documents into a perfect final product.

Contract negotiation

Negotiate (in real time) with other JuriBlox users as well as people who do not have a JuriBlox account.

Version control

Every change transparent through our comprehensive version control on both documents and templates.

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