Whether it is an NDA, an employment contract or general terms and conditions: every legal document must be flawless. With our interactive questionnaire, your documents will be 100% relevant to your situation. Smart automation of your documents will avoid time-consuming customization and unnecessary errors.

Your legal document fast

With JuriBlox, prepare and complete your legal documents in a few minutes. By filling in an interactive questionnaires, your document fits your needs and situation. By automating your legal document generation and organizing yours workflows, you can experience better, faster and more consistent services.

JuriBlox makes it possible

Legal documents are ready within a few minutes. You can improve the services provided to your clients with consistency and quality. Documents are tailored through the use of templates and questionnaires. All contents are easily managed from one place.

Up-to-date content

The templates are easy to manage and centrally updated. This allows you to make changes easily and you always work with the latest version. Your organization will benefit from more efficiency and fewer errors.

Document benefits


The drafting of appropriate legal documents is now a piece of cake for everyone.

Centrally managed

The entire organization always works with the same and latest version.


You can design your own templates or use ready-made templates.


Use the workflows to easily set up a validation process and monitor the quality.