Privacy compliance with ease and simplicity

Providing insight into data flows, concluding and archiving data processing agreements, setting up a register for data processing and data breaches, and much more. GDPR compliance comes with a lot of administrative burdens. How do you ensure your organization performs all required tasks and monitor these? JuriBlox offers a solution for privacy and data protection officers.

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Easily set up your entire privacy administration

Use JuriBlox to set up a comprehensive privacy administration with ease and simplicity. It is not merely for DPOs or POs: JuriBlox offers the guidance and interaction to enable each department in your organization to register data processing.



Becoming privacy compliant is a challenge, yet managing and retaining privacy compliance even more. That’s why JuriBlox offers a variety of user-friendly ways to keep (legal) documents, registers and risk analyses up to date. Fast, simple and with extensive version control.


Comprehensive insight

Being compliant also implies being able to prove that you are compliant. JuriBlox offers different solutions to gain insight in your privacy administration and share (partial) exports; from tiny details to more general summaries. It allows you to instantly monitor arrangements made in data processing agreements, high-risk data processing activities, data processed by specific departments or systems, or security breaches occured in the past year. Everything in one reliable system; everything in one overview.


Comprehensive and maintainable data processing register

Deploy JuriBlox in your organization to set up a comprehensive data processing register, alone or together with your colleages. Its extensive version control makes it easy to keep your register up to date. JuriBlox allows to obtain the necessary overview on all levels with its reporting and export features.

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Data processing agreements: from drafting to digital signature

Improve efficiency in drafting, negotiating and signing data processing agremeents. JuriBlox allows you to be in control of templates, let your non-legal colleagues concluce their own data processing agreements, and only engage specialists or lawyers when that’s really necessary. With the help of comprehensive and layman friendly questionnaires, everyone can draft a data processing agreement. The specialist or lawyer is only needed to perform the final check.

JuriBlox’ negotiation and sign module makes going back and forth emailing with revised documents history. Collaborate with your colleagues or negotiate with the counter-party in an online environment that features all functionalities and behavior that you know from traditional tools. When all parties agree on the final version, you can immediately send out the document for digital signature.

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Data breaches – advice and register

JuriBlox offers a low-threshold way for everyone in your organization to report a security incident or data breach, even for those with new account. The system translates the information into a report and advice, and adds them to a register. The DPO or PO receives a notification so they can take immediate action if necessary. The subsequents steps they take can be easily recorded in the registry later.

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Risk analyses & DPIAs

It is important hold a grip on any risk and prevent them as much as possible. JuriBlox offers several solutions to gain insigh into current risks and unknown risks by performing analyses and DPIAs.

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Requests by data subjects

Our platform offers a user-friendly solution for data subjects to submit their requests. An interactive questionnaire – where you can link to from you privacy policy – guides data subjects in submitting their request. They will receive all relevant information, such as policy documents like a privacy statement. The final request wil be automatically stored in your request register and offers all necessary information to take care of the request. That is how data subject requests can be simply created, stored and handled in only one tool.

Interested to know more about our platform?

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