Legal optimization and unburdening

Legal documents are the essence of the work of any (in-house) legal counsel. But due to increasing workload, there is a good chance that processes will slow down and that documents will be inconsistent and contain errors. By using JuriBlox, agreements can be drawn up in an instant; tailored and based on the latest standards. From knowledge management to the digital signature: one system to monitor and control everything.

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Delegate legal tasks

It is no longer necessary for specialists to do everything on their own. JuriBlox enables them to delegate drafting of standard documents to other departments (such as to Sales for concluding NDAs), while holding a grip on both quality and substance. From knowledge management to digital signature, everything can be monitored and managed within one system.


Legal templates

Use JuriBlox to create your own templates or let your collegeus use legal templates. Interactive questionnaires make it easy for you to create a tailored document in an instant, even for non-lawyers. So even the sales, purchasing or HR departments can generate their won document with the help of pre-approved templates.



When custom work is required or clauses are used that are not pre-approved, a document will be locked automatically and sent to the responsible export for approval.


Knowledge management

Simply build and maintain a database with legal clauses and templates. You can use them as building blocks to efficiently create and customize documents. This allows you to keep control over the legal content of all your documents. We can also build and manage the templates for you.

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Document creation

As a legal expert, use the pre-approved standard clauses as building blocks to create new documents or use the guidance of the interactive questionnaires with preview mode. Both methods allow you to quickly create a solid legal document or tailor-made advice.

Contract Life-Cycle Management

Contract Life-Cycle Management

It is important to hold a grip on the content and status of documents and contracts. JuriBlox enables you to keep control from the first draft to the signed version. Tasks, workflows, extensive version control, email and system notifications, and automated approval procedures ensure transparency and comprehensive overview of all activities.

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Negotiation and signature

JuriBlox is much more than merely document automation. Negotiations, collaborations and online signatures are all integrated in one platform. Email documents is history. Our Team Editors enables (real-time) collaboration on documents with other JuriBlox users, as well as external users with no JuriBlox account. Security and intergrity are ensured by adjustable permisisons. Suggestions (track changes) and comments enable you to substantiate any changes in a collaboration or negotaition. You can accept or reject them, and remain in control with version management. Together with colleagues or counter-parties, you will arrive at the final version of a document.

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NDA Lynn

Lynn (AI)

For many lawyers and legal counsels, legal services involve much more than merely drafting documents. Reviewing existing documents and contracts is a major part of their work. Lynn makes manual contract review a thing of the past. This AI technology has the ability to analyse and evaluate legal documents. Lynn creates a comprehensive report of her analysis and annotate the originald document with explanations and suggestions (track changes). She is able to extract the essence of a document, interpret it and put it into the user’s perspective. You can set up your own dealbreakers and red flags in the system and use Lynn in your organization to perform the first check. You can also offer Lynn’s services to your own clients as whitelabel solution.

Interested to know more about our platform?

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