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What a waste: you put a lot of effort in your business, but you do not have the right legal documents on the moment you need them. Well now you do! Receive a legal document within 15 minutes. Customized by completing a user-friendly wizard.

Order a legal document that is tailored to your organization on JuriDox. The advice wizard helps you to choose the right documents. Our wizards ensure that the document is customized to your needs and activities, so you know the choices underlying your legal document! Our smart software creates the right document based on your answers in the wizard. Got stuck in the questionnaire? Many questions are provided with explanations. In addition, our support staff is at your service through our chat feature or by phone.

Once you are satisfied with your choices for the document, you can easily order the document. Our webshop accepts all common payment methods. Immediately after payment, our software delivers your document within a couple of minutes to your mailbox.



Your guide to the right document

Not sure which document you need? Our advice wizard helps you through the process to make sure you buy the right legal document

Up-to-date with current regulation

The lawyers of JuriBlox and its knowledge partners keep the document up-to-date with changes in law and regulation, as well as new court case decisions

Tailored to your needs

Our document generation wizards ensure that you receive a document that is customized to your business and activities


for a fixed yearly fee. If you are a bulk user of standard documents, a subscription to JuriDox Express maybe the right choice for you. It provides access to all documents for a fixed fee per year. In addition, you benefit from legal advices. from our knowledge partner at reduced rates.

From € 15 per document to € 399 for a yearly subscription