The best of both worlds

Looking for a standardized and uniform way to work that still allows for efficient customization? For the majority of lawyers and legal counsels it’s either one of those two. This dilemma is history thanks to JuriBlox, a system that offers the best of both worlds. It combines the efficiency of automated models with the freedom and flexibility required for custom work.

A quick way to your first draft

The first draft of a document is often just the starting point of a specialist. Only then the real work starts. JuriBlox does not only help with creating a proper initial draft, but also supports the lawyer or counsel with the follow-up process to work much more efficiently.

Share knowledge securely

One tool to maintain and share legal knowledge, create documents, collaborate with colleagues or even clients, negotiating with third parties, and archive everything in one place. The whole process in just one smart tool. Secure and monitored with detailed version management.


Knowledge management

Simply build and maintain a database of legal clauses, models and templates. All these components can be used as building blocks to create or modify documents in an efficient manner. Increase the sharing of knowledge and uniformity within your firm to improve the quality of legal output.

Eenvoudig contracten opstellen

Document creation

Draft new documents by using semi-automated models, dragging standard clauses in your document or combining those. The quality of documents will greatly benefit by the optimal use of existing knowledge, while efficiency increases due to the flexibility, freedom and possibilities to involve the client in the document creation process.

Onderhandelen en ondertekenen

Collaborate and negotiate

JuriBlox also allows non-users to view documents. The system offers a stripped down interface where these external users can view the document, make remarks and suggestions (track changes) and perform a version compare. This online environment offers the perfect way to collaborate (in real time) and negotiate, making back and forth emailing of revised documents history.

Onderhandelen en ondertekenen

Lynn (AI)

For many lawyers and legal counsels, legal services involve much more than merely drafting documents. Reviewing existing documents and contracts is a major part of their work. Lynn makes manual contract review a thing of the past. This AI technology has the ability to analyse and evaluate legal documents. Lynn creates a comprehensive report of her analysis and annotate the originald document with explanations and suggestions (track changes). She is able to extract the essence of a document, interpret it and put it into the user’s perspective. You can set up your own dealbreakers and red flags in the system and use Lynn in your organization to perform the first check. You can also offer Lynn’s services to your own clients as whitelabel solution.

NDA Lynn
Juridische documentenshop

Legal portal and document shop

Extend your legal services with a white-label legal portal. Allow your customers to sign in to your portal and find retrieve their legal documents, create new ones with interactive models, have their contracts reviewed, or seek immediate help from an expert. A white-label document shop is also one of the possibilities.

Interested to know more about our platform?

Do you want to know all features JuriBlox offers or whether your legal tech application can be realized with our platform? Our legal tech experts are happy to share their thoughts without any obligation.