A tailor-made solution for your organisation

Every company processes documents at different scales. JuriBlox offers a tailor-made solution to ensure that your document processes perfectly match the needs and requirements of your organisation.

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A few of our clients

Integrate document creation into your existing process

Document creation takes place in many different places. A standard application may not always suffice with this. As a result, JuriBlox has the ability to integrate deeply into existing processes.

Working smarter

Process automation in each department

Documents often appear in different places in the organisation. JuriBlox has a wide range of applications and can be used in different departments. With watertight questionnaires and tightly designed workflows, you safely outsource document creation to any employee. Thus, JuriBlox can help any department work more efficiently and smarter.

Error-free and efficient

Develop a safe work process

Documents often go through multiple changes, approvals and signatures by different team members. JuriBlox’s legal tech advisers help your organisation set up a secure work process, managing documents centrally and conveniently from start to finish. Convenient workflows automatically create tasks to make the process efficient. In our comprehensive version control, all changes are recorded and all versions are stored securely.

Integrate with other applications

Complete solution with partners

JuriBlox seamlessly integrates its services with other applications for a complete service.
Round out created documents with one of countless signature services or seamlessly manage your contracts in advanced contract lifecycle management systems such as Contractify.

Additional building blocks

Data protection compliance

From processing registers to DPIAs. AVG-compliant with grip and certainty.

Contract management

Always understand all agreements and terms through simple contract management.

Digital signing

Get your documents signed easily with our wide range of digital signing integrations.

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