Shop Software

Serve your customers through your own webshop for legal products. You clients can generate documents on the basis of an interactive questionnaire.

Start your own legal webshop

Provide legal products to your current and new clients through your own legal webshop. Th clients will generate their custom documents and advice. The products are tailored to an easy-to-use questionnaire. Your legal webshop processes every order automatically, including payments. 

Do-it-yourself principle

Your customers can choose their desired document type or can determine the type based on a wizard. Then, the customer answers an interactive questionnaire to prepare the document. This guarantees that the document is made to measure. In the meantime, the customer receives explanation and advice based on given answers. The customer selects a payment method and receives the document immediately upon payment.

New business model 

There are many opportunities for legal services online. With a webshop, you provide customers with an extra service, generate additional revenue and build on your customer base.

Benefits of our Shop Software

Sales increasing

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Low threshold

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