As a Data Protection Officer easily privacy compliant

Data Protection involves a fair amount of administrative work. How do you make sure these tasks are all done right and you keep a clear overview?

JuriBlox Privacy is specially designed to easily and efficiently tick off all your GDPR tasks. All the knowledge and tooling you need in one solution.

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Effortlessly compliant

With JuriBlox Privacy, it is possible to quickly and effortlessly set up a complete privacy administration, while working together to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR.

JuriBlox’s guided and interactive features allow all departments to easily track processing operations, report data breaches, perform risk assessments and create processor agreements. As a Data Protection Officer, you can confidently outsource this work, easily monitor the work of others and automatically stay abreast of all privacy developments within the organization.

Always up to date

Insight through overview

With JuriBlox privacy, you always maintain an accurate overview of your privacy administration, while staying alert to all potential risks.

Discover JuriBlox’s ability to gain insights and export specific parts of your records. Whether you need an in-depth analysis or a concise overview, we offer the solution that’s right for you. This gives you instant insight into the content of processor agreements, effortlessly identifies high-risk processing operations, sees what data is being processed by specific departments or systems, and keeps you informed of any security incidents that have occurred in the past year.

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